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Sunday the 18th of February 2018 @ 02:46pm
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So there's lots of ground to cover, for what that ground is worth. Lets see, we need some depressing, second-hand political opinion, a note about Onyx and how it continues to prove that you can approach a at target without ever actually reaching it for an infinite amount of time and I'll wrap it up with some sanctimonious leftist opinion. *gasp* Liberal opinion.

Depressing, Second-hand Political Opinion

More fun from North Korea, this time in the form of rejecting UN food aid. You know, everyone in this situation is retarded. The States for no-doubt appending ridiculous demands to the provision of humanitarian aid, North Korea for being ... well, North Korea, you chodes.

This is hardly the first time that the US has attached unrelated (or related) provisions to humanitarian aid. This is literally called carrots and sticks by elements of the US government and they do so unabashedly. It seems wrong to me to place such conditions on humanitarian aid, but I suppose it is yet another sign of our rather flexible morals when interacting with the rest of the world from the cushy West.

I suppose if you want to enact policy change in the world without invading the related nations under false pretense, one has to bend some kind of ethical rule, and it's better than dropping bombs in a way. Note: I am aware that the US is invading related nations under false pretense and dropping bombs.

Really bothers me more than anything else is the fact that American's lead such an acutely protected life, culturally speaking, and they dictate social policy to others at the same time. No where is this more visible (as far as I'm concerned) than in the entertainment industry. Most people don't realize the kind of purging and scouring entertainment products go through before they reach the mass market. I only have one reference sitting around at the moment, a Godzilla 1984 (or Gojira in Japan) movie review. Rather odd place to look for commentary on the massive American propaganda engine at work, but for some reason it seemed poignant enough to me when I read it that I recorded the link, and I understand why when I read it again now. The review, while my cup of tea, is probably not yours, but what I would suggest is that you scroll down to the section Major Differences Between American and Japanese Versions and read from there. Here's an example of what I mean:

... So as you would expect, the Russians do not have the same pacifist feelings as the Americans but are instead the war-hungry "Evil Empire," or in more casual 1980's terms, "Those damn Commies!" The clips from the scene where the Russian soldier tries to stop the missile launch are slightly switched around and the subtitles are changed from, "Someone help me! I have to stop that missile!" to "I'm the only one who can do it. I've got to launch that missile!"

There's two waves of gross coming from this simple example. First, the American entertainment complex, fairly well known for having a left lean in general, still felt so threatened by the idea that the Russians love their children too that they had to remix major plot points in a Godzilla movie, of all things. Second is that immediately preceding the description of a massive plot edit the reviewer uses the phrase: "So as you would expect...". It's so common that stuff like this happens, that it's what a movie reviewer would expect. I think we're all aware on some level or another that we're being fed remixed and repackaged ideas by the media, movies, news, whatever; honestly though, I don't think we really consciously process just HOW remixed those inputs are.

Another more topical example: we've just come off a pair of scandals which could almost be considered parodies of each-other, but unfortunately they aren't. First would be the revealing of a staged press conference described in glorified bias by the village voice which passes much of the media as just another day at the office. Even better, that was reported on on Today, moments before they were outed for souping up their coverage of a flood when two people walk past the reporter pretending to need a canoe. There's some great coverage of it that I downloaded earlier, but I can't find the source of. Enjoy the lies in progress.

Now, I'm an overly optimistic sort, but isn't this kind of thing grounds for firing people? Lots of people? Instead your average person seem to turn the cynicism engines to full blast, roll their eyes and go back life as usual. Even better, they generally go on believing the media subconsciously. Sometimes it's tiring, and more times it's depressing because people just don't seem to care anymore, and there are so god-damned many of us that it's nigh on impossible to achieve anything that requires more work than turning on a TV.

Told you that was going be bitter and depressing.

Onyx. I Fucking Hate Onyx.

I may hate it, but I'm still working on the motherfucker. I've made quite a lot of progress with the AI, which has unfortunately required rewriting a sizable portion of the physics engine. That, unfortunately, has required a tonne of re-balancing of stats. Luckily, it IS getting done. I'm still short on artwork and textures, but you know what, I don't feel like whining about that right now.

Some gameplay elements have been smoothed out to make things a little more fun, and the HUD is still evolving into a useful product, but predictably there's still a lot of work to do.

I fucking hate Onyx.

Finally, I've added lots of stuff to the Onyx database and add more stuff almost daily. Some people might find that interesting, though it simply disgusts me.

I fucking hate Onyx.

From the Jesus Titty-Fucking Christ Department

Let's play the game of captions! By the way, this first one coming up wins my Fucking... Terrifying... award for this post.

After a Wal-Mart employee turned in a high school student's anti-Bush poster to the police, the Secret Service came calling.

The Secret Service has its eye on a Kentucky student. Twenty-one-year-old Phillip Bailey is being investigated for suggesting President Bush be shot.

Sibel's offense? She was a patriot who blew the whistle on incompetence, security breaches and alleged wrongdoing in the U.S. government's counter-terror operations.

For that, she was fired.


When Sibel challenged the government in court, then-Attorney General John Ashcroft personally certified that "everything regarding my case and allegations were regarded as state secrets," she recalls.

How things like this can be considered anything except first-class, wholesale abuse of power and infringement on personal liberties I can't imagine. What really gets me is that this sort of thing is now happening all the time. That's just what we see reported, too. When it boils down you have to wonder how much of this sort of thing is going on that we don't hear about. I mean, is it really paranoid to think that the government might be threatening the news services? Is it really? I certainly would have labelled that as paranoid when I was younger and less cynical, but there is just so much censorship and bullying by the Secret Service and the FBI in the states that I don't see how it could be considered paranoid anymore.

Finally, I fucking hate Onyx.



Reader Comments

Re: That crazy country

2005.10.18 02:38am
Watergate was certainly sufficient to bring down the Nixon administration. One could point to any number of actions by the Bush regime which are just as serious. (I suppose going to war based on outright lies would take the cake) I, too, rather wonder what's going on down there: I've seen much hand-waving about a recently-politicized religious right, a largely fictional threat of international terrorism (have you seen the "power of nightmares"?), corporate cronyism, and media complicity.. but the big picture of what's changed so dramatically in America over the past 5-6 years (or whatever) still seems rather illusive.

  • Re (2): That crazy country

    2005.10.18 01:30pm

    I honestly wonder if the murder that Bush gets away with is because the public in general is more complacent, the press is more complacent or simply because the government has more power to suppress either/both. Jon Stewart is high profile and constantly attacking the press for going easy on the Bush administration and he gets away with it without disappearing, so maybe it's a quiet infiltration into the media by the right wing that has the response dulled so much to corruption.

    We don't really know at this point just how much effect one FOX News will have on the public at large, and I guess we won't know for some time. If what we're seeing is an indication of how much politicians will be allowed to get away with in the future, I fear a bit for that future.

    This The Power of Nightmares (en.wikipedia.org)? In any case, it looks good. Thanks for the heads up. Definitely my kind of thing.

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