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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:52am
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To those who ask if Onyx is dead I ask you: Am I dead? No. Not yet. So no such luck. Onyx is still alive and twitching.

That's right. We're in the last 10% that takes 90% of the time. Boy, does it ever. The good news is that the game is actually playable, if impossible at the moment. The AI is actually working and puts up a "good" fight in that you won't live for more than a few seconds in some of the skirmish missions.

I just finished writing the spacial orientation systems so that the universe is consistent, and countless loose ends have been tied bringing the game to the brink of a first techdemo release. I've had to prune the storyline to nothing but some skirmish missions for the first release for the sake of getting something out before I die, but there will be a release to a few beta testers soon.

God help me, this game will be given away for free and cost me a mint in bandwidth, or so help me, I'll kill everyone on the planet ... a couple of times.

On that cheery note, here are three new screenshots showing off the racing minigames and a rather pointless view of orbit around one of the staging areas visited early in the game.

We're not done yet. Don't you worry; and to those poor souls that helped get it this far, I will be begging you for more game assets soon. Be afraid.



Reader Comments


2006.02.15 06:46am
You know, a little-known piece of software called <a href="http://www.bittorrent.com/">BitTorrent</a> can help you with that bandwidth problem.

  • Re: Bandwidth

    2006.02.17 06:29am
    Yay! :)

    Nice to see Onyx not fading away into the shadows, it's way too good for such a fate. I just wish I could have been more help, but as it is I have barely touched a modelling app in like a year because of a crazy workload at school.

    • Edukashon is for Losers!

      2006.02.18 12:56am
      Nice to see Onyx not fading away into the shadows, it's way too good for such a fate.

      I've already told you I can't pay you! There's no point in sucking up. :)

      Somehow I think the tonnes of high quality, free models which help form the backbone of the game is enough a contribution. But that's just my opinion.

  • Re: Bandwidth

    2006.02.18 12:45am

    You're absolutely right, and this point has been brought up before. I definitely intend to have a torrent ready to go, but there are still a large number of people who don't use bittorrent out there. Regardless, that might have been a small amount of hyperbole as well. :)


2006.02.15 09:00am
Good to see that soon you'll be done and I can stop hiding from you. :)

  • Re: Soon!

    2006.02.18 12:47am

    Hey, it's not my fault you're one of the few people I know with a windows box for me to test on!

My pathetic excuse of a life

2006.02.16 07:53am
Then, my life can be properly ruined.

  • Re: My pathetic excuse of a life

    2006.02.18 12:50am

    I can only hope you mean that it will be ruined by lowering your productivity rather than the shoddy quality of the game somehow lowering your standard of living.

    If indeed my bad work can do that I'll be a great deal more impressed with my raw power... whilst simultaneously very depressed about its only apparent application. But hey, if ruining peoples life is all it can do... it'll at least do that.

    • Re (2): My pathetic excuse of a life

      2006.02.22 10:46am
      Not really "lowering" my productivity as much as "destroying" it, I'd say. The standard of living will go down AFTERWARD, when I lose my job over this, for example, not because of the shoddy quality of the game. If it's shoddy, I know where you live, I can just go and beat you up or something! ;-)


2006.03.07 05:19pm
i'll try to create a couple for you , i'm glad it's not dead .

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