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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:55am
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A title paraphrased from the Family Guy, but certainly seems appropriate. I ran across a story about the ACLU and Justin Watt and their victory over "Exodus International", a Christian group that is basically trying to fix those who "come down with" homosexuality. I don't know why I always dig into sites like this when I come across them, but I always do. I guess it's the same reason I listen to the Hal Turner show and watch clips from FOX News. It seems to whip up in me a state of perpetual disgust for the human race.

I've always known on a conscious, but undigested level that organized religion actively pursues, harasses and does everything in their power to attack homosexuals; honestly, though, I never knew the joyful adulation with which they do so. The glimmer in their mind's-eye that forms every time a homo dies of AIDS. Specifically to this site and the testimonials on it, I'm further amazed by the blatant and nakedly self-centered stances of the people involved. Examples, oh, you bet I got examples:

For weeks following my daughter's "coming out," I couldn't eat or sleep. I cried constantly. Hearing Susan had died would have been easier to bear. It seemed all the dreams I had for my only child had been shattered. A thousand questions ran continuously through my mind all beginning with the word "why?" I didn't think I could continue to live, knowing my daughter was gay.

Notice the person's feelings and concerns not mentioned here? You get three guesses and one hint: It isn't the mothers. It isn't selective quoting, either. This woman is plainly and completely absorbed in her own inability to identify with a tainted child who has so horrifically shattered the stereotype that mother demanded. She really doesn't stop, though. Like a gay boy bunny in a pink suit, it just keeps going and going:

Our family was well-known in the Christian community. It wasn't unusual to have my name in the paper as president of a Christian women's auxiliary, or for my involvement in evangelistic crusades. [...] Some callers were sympathetic, but most were accusatory, asking why I hadn't known my daughter was gay, or how she could call herself a Christian, or what had we done to cause her homosexuality. Other close friends were uncharacteristically silent. I couldn't talk to anybody. I was confused, embarrassed, and devastated.

Don't worry, sweetheart, I'm sure Jesus will be along shortly to cure you of your leprosy. Maybe you'll get lucky and your daughter will die of something. Oooh, ooh! AIDS? Anybody?

What I particularly love, however, is the casually revealed little snippets of information like the fact that her daughter had been sexually molested for 8 years, from the ages of 5 to 13. In concert with revealing this bit of information she lets us know that "Unfortunately, he turned out to be a poor choice for a husband and father." Gee-wiz Ma, ya think? I'm glad that the better part of a decade of molestation taking place on your watch is 'unfortunate' while 'conversion' to homosexuality is worse than her dying.

Let's take for a second a small section of the FAQ:

Relatively recent brain studies done by Dr. Simon LeVay examined a portion of the hypothalamus believed to control sexuality. He used cadavers from a very small sample of homosexual and heterosexual men (their orientation was, in some cases, presumed but not confirmed), and heterosexual women. Some of the men had died of AIDS. He measured this portion of the brain and found it significantly smaller in homosexual men. Although LeVay did not say this proved inborn homosexuality, some among the media and activists eagerly reported the tentative findings as being conclusive.

Do you spot the sentence that has NOTHING to do with answering the question? These people really do take a sick, ghoulish pleasure in the suffering of others. The evidence is all around us in black and white. What would Jesus do? Apparently, Jesus would set up a website full of half truths specifically designed to isolate children from their parents, then he would proceed by verbally abusing homosexuals until suitably castigated and shattered. Once they had been sufficiently disassembled, he would set about brainwashing them into a more socially conformed type of private behaviour. Socially conformed private behaviour.
Socially conformed private behaviour.

We must pray for wisdom and be willing to acknowledge our errors, if given the opportunity.

Or, optionally, read a book and become educated you kool-aid drinking busybody.

God may hate Fags, but God DAMN I hate fanatics.


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As do I

2006.03.26 06:04pm
You won't see me dissing the ACLU on this one. Anyway...I hate fanatics too...which in many cases the ACLU are. However, they get one right here and there.

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