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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:54am
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Whoah... that was not fun. Hard system crash. That has got to be the first time my system has just 'died'... well. Ever. I wonder if my mucking with, and installing new graphics drivers have done something nasty to the system. If this is going to start happening I'm going to be pretty darn unhappy.

Anyway. I've found a great source of info on OpenGL in general, a OpenGL reference manual which contains a lot more than just references. Reading the few few chapters have left me with a much clearer picture of what I'm dealing with. Anyone thinking of working with OpenGL should probably take the time to read the first few chapters. Quite a lot of it is 'meta' information about the OpenGL pipeline which can probably be safely ignored until optimization, but it does give a nice overview of this beast.

I'm left with a few questions, though. Does one vertex appear as a point? Do two? How wide is the edge, or is it perpetually 'thin' at any scale? I already know that three vertices in a triangle with different colours will blend those colours towards the center, but what will three different textures do? How do you blend textures? How does a triangle appear if the normal is parallel to the edge? Invisible? black?

To really make myself look ignorant, How about these: What's a Cull? What is a stencil buffer? Do the modes enabled / disabled apply only to the vertices entered while they were enabled? What's a Stipple? What is mipmapping?

I'm sure these questions have obvious answers, but they're some of the first questions coming to mind.

I'm fried. I feel like an idiot. 90% of what I'm reading here could be complete gibberish and I would have NO idea. Imagine the mirth and joy of some evil SGI employee somewhere laughing at anyone and everyone attempted to decipher and understand completely meaningless gibberish. Gosh, I sure hope that's what's happening.

The truth here is that I don't even know where to start. I've found some tutorials, I'll bang away at them for another hour, then I should probably sack out. It's like 5am, and I want to get a semi-early start at this again tomorrow.


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