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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:44am
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"No-one can justify actions that undermine the territorial integrity of a neighbour, or interfere with democratic movements" -- Dick Cheney, US Vice President.

.... brain... going... to ... explode...

... feel... hypocrisy gelling... gelling into a monstrous.... No. No, it can't be true. It must be a misquote.

.. but.. the waves of hypocritical energy... I can feel them... It must be true. Hypocrisy has finally taken physical form. It is as it was written. The beginning of the 3rd age of rebirth. Rebirth into a state most foul. The Vice President has become hypocrisy. He shall walk among us, not as a man but as the chosen. From the bowels of his glorious mind there shall spill forth the commandments by which we shall all live and die. His immortal words shall guide us all to the ultimate end. The end of us all. And we shall love him for it.

All praise for the end is nigh.

I think I'm going to go get drunk and vomit myself to sleep.

After the fact...

Whilst Simultaneously...

2006.05.04 10:40am

Nice that the states can be an authority on not interfering with the Democratic processes of their neighbours.

"The Mexican president, Vicente Fox, yesterday sent the decriminalisation bill back to his country's congress for changes, in a reversal of his promise the previous day that he would sign the bill into law." -- US asks Mexico to reconsider 'stupid' drug law


Reader Comments

pot calling kettle black

2006.05.04 10:05am
I was reading that this morning... Cheney is one to criticise, ain't he?!

*shakes head*

  • Re: pot calling kettle black

    2006.05.04 10:14am

    It's pretty amazing. The US population is pretty brainwashed but how the Russians sat and took that is beyond me. Even better is that the BBC reports it with a straight face. It's not particularly hard to understand why US officials are protested everywhere they go.

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