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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:57am
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Check out this baby on Media Matters, Returning to favorite slogan, Smerconish blamed Moussaoui verdict on the "sissification of America".

"A guy who the jury just two weeks ago found absolutely, if he'd been truthful, we could have stopped short that which occurred on September 11, is going to be allowed to live on my dime." -- Michael Smerconish

Unfortunately reality is quite different than this particular opinion given that people like Carie Lemack, daughter of America Airlines Flight 11 passenger Judy Larocque have said in no uncertain terms that they agree with the sentencing. In fact, all she wants is Moussaoui out of the headlines. Good job MSNBC.

My mother, Judy Larocque, was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11, and we're from Boston, and this is my first time at the Alexandria courthouse today. And I have to say I'm glad to see that this will be the last day that Mr. Moussaoui is in the headlines. He's going to be in jail for the rest of his life, which is exactly what this man deserves.

He's an al-Qaeda wannabe. And he does not deserve any credit for 9/11, because he was not part of it, and I am so glad the jury recognized that and realized that he just wanted to kill Americans, but he wasn't even skilled enough to be able to do that.

What I would like to know is why multiple Presidents were able to preserve the rights and freedoms of American citizens during the terrifying and genuine threat that was the Cold War but to defeat desperate, subjugated people without so much as a functioning standing army Americans need to shred the Constitution? Why is there the repeated pronouncement from the administration and their media clients that anyone who wants to preserve their rights or who wants to show some compassion and understanding to our enemies are somehow cowards. All the while they assure us that instinctively bombing defenseless civilians thousands of kilometers away is a brave and noble act.

That isn't how bravery works. Hitler was a coward. Gandhi was brave. The KKK were cowards. Rosa Parks was brave. The Mexican police were cowards. Digna Ochoa was brave.

Go ahead and give away the store to protect yourself from fundamentalists with no power, no running water who have been ground into the sand for the last hundred years by people just like you. I'm sure your sons and daughters will be happy to give up an arm, a leg, their sanity or their lives so you can feel a little safer in the suburbs.

You know what? You're right. You are a sissy.

"I can't buy into this logic of transcending hatred. This is the sissification of America." -- Michael Smerconish

Phyllis Rodriguez lost her son Gregory, 31 to the attacks on 9/11. Phyllis met with Aicha El Wafi in private after November 2002. That's right, Aicha El Wafi, mother of Moussaoui. These two women have all the reason in the world to hate each other, surprisingly even more than a Republican like Smerconish who presumably lost some sleep on 9/11. How do these women react, you ask? I'll let her tell you:

We were all nervous about meeting each other, but she broke the tension for everybody by opening up the conversation with an apology to us and an expression of sympathy. She said, `I don't know if my son is guilty or innocent, but I'm so sorry for your losses.' We responded to the warmth and generosity of Aicha.

Since then, I have maintained a friendship with her, and particularly in the last year since Zacarias Moussaoui pleaded guilty, we have become very close.

Want to know why you can't buy into this logic of transcending hatred, Michael? It's because Michael Smerconish is a coward. Phyllis Rodriguez is brave.

After the fact...

Oh, and by the way,

2006.05.05 01:54pm
Bolivia, you kick ass too.

*sigh* Thank god we have Latin America to show us that Democracy can still work, assuming the US fails to stop them.

I can't believe how depressing that is.



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