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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:58am
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Ok, so I just came back from another crash. That'll make two in two days after several months of perfect opearation. I wasn't even dinking with GL yet. I'm wondering if this isn't the new Nividia drivers. I've known the Nautilus nightlies to cause display lockups, but never a system crash... I mean, it shouldn't even be ABLE to crash the system. Intentionally. I've been trying out the new UT2003 demo too (which by the way, doesn't work right... but is cool regardless), maybe that's doing something to the card that eventually causes it to melt the system down. Who knows?

It sure is great, though. Reminds me of those wonderful days of DOS, where a screw-up brought the whole system down, and debugging a single wrong byte could take 50 reboots and three days. Course, this isn't DOS, AND IT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPENING ANYMORE!

I'll give UT a rest for a couple of days and we'll see if it was that, I guess.

Speaking of UT2003, one would think it would run quite nicely on a P4 1.6 with a GeForce4 MX. Yes, I got the MX, yes I know I should have gotten a Ti. Regardless, you'd think that it would be 'adequate' at the lowest levels of detail. However, no. Even with every setting turned as low as it'll go, running at 640x480x16 I can only get around 50fps in a closed room with no players on screen, and between 20 and 30 in the open with people moving. Does that strike anyone else as sick? I mean, come on. 1.6Gig with a GeForce4 should be 'adequate'. No? Who are they selling this game to? Right now, in my circle of friends I have the fastest machine.

IT should be adequate! Dammit.

Oh, and to anyone who want's to throw the "it must be using Mesa" argument at me, it's not. Everything else is accelerated, and I know the difference between Mesa and acceleration. I'd be getting 1 to 4 fps in a closed room, not 50.

On to Actual Work

Enough of this whining and jabbering, time to get to work.


Reader Comments

ATI & UT2k3/UT2k4 seem to work better together

2004.08.05 02:18am
To spite the NVIDIA splash screen that comes up in the UT2004 demo promoting NVIDIA cards as the ones to play UT2004 on, I've found that ATI cards run the game much better. Dont get me wrong, GeForce cards are great, but ATI has recently really taken the leap forward in terms of quality and performance, ESSPECIALLY with DirectX based games (some driver glitches in some of the Radeon's openGL drivers can be nasty).

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