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Saturday the 24th of March 2018 @ 05:49pm
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This is a mixed bag post. Off we go;

Google Earth on Linux

Google Earth is now available (native) for Linux. Let me tells yeah, it works smooth as can be. Huzza!

Ann Coulter

STOP ASKING COULTER TO EXPLAIN HER REMARKS! Geeze. The guys at FOX doing it I understand, it's an excuse to bring her on to plug her book, but for the love of god, left wing people are helping and I can't figure out why. All of your indignation, anger and disgust is doing exactly one thing, and will only ever do one thing: sell her book. This was absolutely calculated, just like: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." It's crazy, it's stupid and it's obscene, and people just keep talking about it over and over again. It's crazy and stupid and obscene all the way to the bank. Stop it! She's only relevant as long as we make her relevant.

Three Prisoners Hang Themselves... To Attack Us!

Good God. First of all, this is a dumb thing to say. It would be a vaguely plausible assertion if not for a couple of things. First thing is that they'd been held for somewhere in the realm of 4 years without being charged, without being given a trial and having been told many times that they were never, ever getting out. No matter what. (The being told many times they were never getting out has been reported by the legal representation of other prisoners, so I'm extrapolating that one.) If that isn't a formula for despair then there isn't a formula for despair.

Second, and even more telling is that the US was going to release one of them, though he didn't know it. (Three Guantanamo Detainees Commit Suicide -- Democracy Now!. The obvious implication of this fact is that he wasn't in any way shape or form a terrorist or enemy combatant. The US is not in the habit of releasing people they have something on. That would mean that the assertion being forwarded here, the "PR Stunt" motive, would include a man that even the US government had admitted had no terrorist ties. That would leave his motive for suicide as, what, peer pressure?



Reader Comments

Peer Pressure

2006.06.13 07:41pm
Well, I don't believe *everyone* in Guantanamo is innocent - which means that, since this person has been held for four years with terrorists, he probably has terrorist ties *now*. Well, had, until he killed himself.

  • Re: Peer Pressure

    2006.06.14 01:53pm

    I would be lying if I said that hadn't occurred to me. Still, I have a hard time believing that he went from innocent to suicidally fanatic in those four years without the states finding a reason to hold on to him. I mean, the theory would work if he wasn't under constant, unending scrutiny by people looking for any reason to hold onto him.

    It is possible, though, which is even more damning I think. Basically, they took an innocent guy off the street (one of the others was a juvenile) threw him in jail with no charges, no trial and no hope turning him into someone willing to give his life to hurt the Americans in any way, even the most trivial way possible.

    If that isn't progress on the war on terror, nothing is.

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