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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:42am
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South Central Farm: Before.

First up today is a suggestion everyone take a last look at the South Central Farm because as we speak it's being bulldozed. The peaceful protesters were finally removed by over 100 cops in riot gear and the new owner (illegally, actually) has begun demolition.

Wait, you haven't heard of the South Central Farm? Largest urban farm in America, tended by the community for over a decade and providing food to hundreds of people? Of course not, because the mainstream press absolutely refuses to cover it, as near as I can tell. At least, they're refusing to cover it while it matters, while there's still a farm to be saved. This doesn't include Democracy Now!, thankfully, who devoted a segment to the farm. I'd suggest this segment at least, but the whole show today was great including an infuriating segment on the 2000 and 2004 US elections centered on an interview with Greg Palast. Greg Plast is author of Armed Madhouse and the host of several BBC mini-documentaries covering Bush (Bush Family Fortunes) and the voting fraud in US Elections. Great stuff and worth a watch.

Back to the topic at hand. One of the most amusing things about this is that the developer bulldozing the site has been offered 16 million dollars for the site and has refused. Honestly, how evil do you have to be to act like this? There's no question that lots of poor people are going to have a hard time feeding themselves, the urban sprawl will just get that much worse, a community centre will be annihilated and the local citizens are going to have their morale crushed. Even if you wanted to be a greedy mother-fucking bastard and try to kick the people off to begin with, how can you refuse to take 16 million dollars and still be dead set on being this evil? Honestly folks, I just don't understand it. This is the kind of oversimplified scenario that Disney would make a movie about. No matter how hard I try to wrap my head around it, I can't imagine what this guy Ralph Horowitz must have endured when he was a child to make him so completely evil.

Ralph? Was it touching? Were you touched in your special place? Did a poor subsistence farmer sneak into your opulent bedroom and make you do naughty things? Was it your mother? Did those long nights where your mother forced you to dress up as a Norwegian sailor and rub her with peanut butter whilst singing show tunes just warp you past the point of redemption? [1][2]

It was the peanut butter, wasn't it? I'm sorry, Ralph, I can only imagine what twisted childhood experience must have made you so incapable of feeling. It must be awful to walk amongst us as a mere shell of a man, a soulless projection anchored to life only by the need to do pure evil. I'd weep for you if you weren't such a worthless, capitalist cunt.

I'll let you speculate as to what "after" will look like.

[1] - I have no direct evidence to suggest that Ralph Horowitz was sexually molested as a child and all statements suggesting he was are intended as satire.

[2] - I have no direct evidence to suggest that Ralph Horowitz was NOT sexually molested as a child. Makes you think.



Reader Comments


2006.06.17 02:14am
I'd venture a guess that turning down 16 million dollars, if you're going to make 100 million dollars (or something like that), would make some kind of business sense. Still, I can't believe that, say, the City of Los Angeles is letting that happen.

  • Re: Bleh.

    2006.06.18 01:17am

    Politicians are scum; LA deciding to allow it doesn't surprise me in the slightest. As for the business logic, oh, I understand. I'm sure the douche stands to make way more by developing the land rather than selling it. I'm questioning his status as a human being with a soul, not the business logic especially in light of the fact that he can make an obscene amount of money and still do the 'right-ish" thing. It just happens to be a smaller obscene amount.

    • Re (2): Bleh.

      2006.06.22 09:11pm
      Yeah, but what did he pay for the land? Taking 16 million for something you paid 50 million for goes way past my definition of altruism.

      Not that he should have bought it in the first place, but once you're in maybe there's no other way out.

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