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Thursday the 22nd of March 2018 @ 12:24am
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I've wanted to address the subject of religion in depth for a long time and finally I've gotten around to setting up a forum to do just that. This was a one night and nine beer project so there are definitely going to be problems, but the site is up. The site is up and almost completely empty.

Mostly I'm writing this announcement to test the news feeds on the JW Religion site but it's also to invite contributers to let me know if they'd like to get involved in the project. As to what contribution means you can take a look at the heavily truncated JW Religion Manifesto to get an idea.

Time to piss some people off.



Reader Comments


2006.09.15 11:50am
I like your metrics for the quantification of a software development effort. I think I'll use those in the future.

  • Re: Metrics

    2006.09.15 01:43pm

    I somehow doubt that you're not already using them. Maybe you'll start calling it that in the future, but I think you have the using down just fine.


2006.10.04 08:02am
Scientology gets it's own section?

That really gets my thetans in a bunch!

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