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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 07:03am
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Shed a Little Light

2002.11.12 11:13pm

I haven't been doing much actual coding, but I've done quite a lot of reading, and I think I have some basic answers to some of my questions. I figured I should jot them down somewhere before they flee my tiny little brain.

  • Bounding X - is syntax for different types of bounding objects... usually a sphere or a rectangle. Bounding volumes are simple geometric volumes which encompess more complicated objects. The idea of a bounding Box or Sphere is that it may be used when checking for intersections between an object and the Frustum.

  • MipMap - is a data representation which contains a texture (or potentially geometry or anything else) and successively lower resolution versions of the original. Later the appropriate version of an object (texture, whatever) can be selected based on the object's distance from the camera.

  • GeoMipMap - is simply another name for a mipmap which contains geometry representing geography. The idea being that a quad-tree may contain GeoMipMap's to geography sections which may be culled, then chosen based on their distance from the camera before being sent to the pipeline.

  • Culling - is the act of pruning off objects, vertices & triangles from the world geometry based on their visibility in order to reduce the amount of geometry sent down the rendering pipeline per frame.

  • A Frustum - is a 6 plane bounded volumn which represents the potentially visible space. I still have no idea what this means specifically for OpenGL (as in the mode)


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