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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:49am
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For quite some time now the Catholic church has been investigating ways to strike limbo from the afterlife because of the understandably negative effect it has on converting people in regions of the world where infant mortality is high. This is particularly true in Africa where HIV/AIDS infection rate is tremendously high and many young children, and young adults are infected with the disease.

Unfortunately the Catholic church has stood steadfast in it's absolute refusal to accept or endorse the use of condoms which have a demonstrably positive effect on infection rates whenever used in concert with abstinence policies. Rather than reform its policies, however, with respect to responsible sexual practices the Catholic church has been desperate to reorganize the entire afterlife so parents aren't faced with the condemning their sick children to eternity in limbo. Furthermore, the church is desperate to make the change appear internally consistent within the scripture, something which is next to impossible to do.

Unsurprisingly the church refers to studies, commissions, research and other stealth pseudo-scientific constructions to give it's slow policy shift the cloak of legitimacy when ultimately what is really happening is a policy shift to increase membership. This is visible even in their own carefully chosen words:

Pope Benedict and his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, had urged further study on limbo, in part because of "the pressing pastoral needs" sparked by the increase in abortion and the growing number of children who die without being baptized, the report said.

Please consider the Catholic church's ghoulish and steadfast refusal to move into the 20th century of reproductive reality and save real, tangible lives while it is simultaneously, and cynicallyis willing to finagle changes to "perfectly true" doctrine to increase its membership the next time you are passed the collection plate.

You can learn a lot more about HIV/AIDS from the in-depth and powerful 240 minute film: The Age of AIDS on Frontline. Also, right here on Jimmy's World there are many guest submitted papers on HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh.


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