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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:56am
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June 5th 1989. In the mist of a gloomy morning true heroism was captured on film and has become an indelible symbol of courage and the purity of the human spirit that we should never allow ourselves to forget.

My wonderful girlfriend, Ayria got me a poster of the event which hangs on my wall, and that I look at every day, but that I rarely process for the act of pure strength of will it represents. In an environment more hostile that any of us can possibly understand a single man stood against the ultimate symbol of oppression and the weaker of us could only watch and hold our collective breath. Civilization faintly hoped that a country prison might change.

The Tank Man is a symbol of what we should all try to be in the face of terror and oppression, but he wasn't alone in his courage. Tiananmen Square, Beijing, and indeed more than 400 Chinese cities had become a seething mass of protest. Humanity en masse crystallized into an act of pure hope which was met by a military which was at times paralyzed by its own contemplation of what it is to be human, and at times succumbed to all the worst darkness of the human soul.

Thousands flooded the streets standing up for everything that is right about civilization and the evolution of society, only to be crushed under the wheels of dictatorship. Crushed, but not forgotten.

Please take 90 minutes of your life to learn more about the massacre at Tiananmen Square. It's one of the largest symbols of victory and defeat that we will ever encounter in our lives, and it should speak to us about how we lead our lives. Speak to us every day.

China is a dichotomy of progress and regression, and should enter our minds in the same thought as Darfur, globalization, appeasement and Taiwan.

China; 1,313,973,713 people and counting. One billion, three hundred thirteen million, nine hundred seventy-three thousand, seven hundred and thirteen people... one billion, three hundred thirteen million, nine hundred seventy-three thousand, seven hundred and thirteen of us... in need of democracy.



Reader Comments

Did I misunderstood you?

2007.05.18 04:43am
Or did you really just said that the Taiwan case is more important than Darfur?
Because last time I checked, in Taiwan, there were no state sponsored militias raping women with AK-47 and then shooting inside the womb.
I say we stop genocides first and only then bring people democracy. Mass graves are usually democratic.

I do side with Taiwan and hope they get their way pretty soon but for now they are not being raped, massacred and buried alive into extinction...

  • Re: Did I misunderstood you?

    2007.05.18 05:21am

  • Re: Did I misunderstood you?

    2007.05.18 05:31am

    • Re (2): Did I misunderstood you?

      2007.05.18 06:06am
      Your post ( or feed really ) came in as I was reading this : http://www.ogleearth.com/2006/10/darfur.html

      So I might have read your post through glasses of anger.

      I do understand your general point with the article though.

  • Re: Did I misunderstood you?

    2007.10.18 07:18pm
    are you kidding that guy is brave he could of gotten ran over but he didn't!!!

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