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Sunday the 18th of February 2018 @ 02:43pm
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Just a short update, a very long time in coming. The Animal Housing project is not dead in the slightest. I've been trying to contact the author of the Gazette story to organize some kind of unified movement towards replacing the shelter which was destroyed, but my correspondence has fallen into some kind of black hole. The nature of that black hole in uncertain. It may be purposeful, or it may be bureaucratic.

Regardless of the reason, I think it's time to give up on unifying with any kind of established structure for the purpose of rallying. That leaves us to find a path on our own. This effort isn't over, it just stalled. It is stalled in a way I don't intend to become stalled in again.

What we need now is an intelligent way forward, and a solid goal. I'll be looking into individual organizations to find out where an infusion of money would be best allocated to do the most good, but what I'd really like is to find out what the community thinks would be a good way to proceed.

Please comment on this thread with any ideas you may have about the best way to progress with respect to fund raising, or fund dispersal. If anyone has any general comments, now would be a great time to raise them.

This isn't over.


Reader Comments

First Hit

2007.10.19 05:35pm
You're the first hit on google when I search for your name. Congratulations! RB would be so jealous.

Possible fundraising goodness

2007.11.26 03:53pm
So I'm not sure how well this idea would work for your cause, but...

Once upon a time, when I lived in another galaxy (aka Vancouver), I was in band. And the band needed to go on this field trip to Banff, AB, and of course the band teacher was trying to get everyone to shell out $300/person or so for this privilege (since the school was about as interested in sponsoring us as they were in allowing storage of firearms in lockers).

I rebelled against such a ridiculous notion, and decided I was going to fundraise for this. I ended up deciding to kill two birds with one stone; clean up the local park, while getting money.

What I ended up doing is handing out hundreds of fliers to people in my band class and the entire neighbourhood for several blocks around advertising a clean-up of the park. At the same time, I got this written up in the local paper, and then proceeded to run around to every business within like a 5 block radius soliciting either flat up-front cash donations or per-garbage-bag collected donations.

It made a SIGNIFICANT amount of money, I definitely went to Banff without paying anything, and I ended up throwing a pile of money at the beleaguered band class.

There were some pitfalls; ie. I didn't notify Surrey Parks and Rec. about this, and they were... unhappy to say the least when they read the newspaper article, basically saying that I can NOT touch the waterways and the things stuck there, as the garbage in the waterways had actually ended up changing the flow of water so much that they had a "unique ecosystem" there or some shit like that.

Anyways, the point is if you can find a community-oriented goal that has tangible results you can show to local businesses, you might be able to solicit exactly this kind of donation.

And if it's more than just you working on the newspaper/fliers/whatever, you can probably raise far more money than I did running around by myself in suburbia.

It's an idea, assuming that you still need them.


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