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Saturday the 16th of December 2017 @ 07:33pm
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The Canadian Private Copying Collective, an association I can honestly say I've never heard of before, is doing its own breed of dirty work much like the RIAA. It may not be copy protection, or DRM requirement legislation, but it's still underhanded and unfair.

There's only two ways to look at charging royalties on recordable media: 1) if it's a true royalty, then we're allowed to copy anything we want because we're paying a 'Royalty' for it; or 2) we're being presumed guilty of IP theft and being fined accordingly, regardless of our guilt / innocence.

Royalties on recordable media isn't a new thing, we pay it every time we by a VHS / Audio Casette or CD-R/RW amongst other things. The ethical (and even legal in my opinion) legitimacy of this government enforced behaviour is questionable at best, and right now a proposal is moving forward to make the situation worse.

Update: Wednesday the 30th of October @ 12:01am
This item originally had a link to a summary of the changes hosted by FutureShop Canada. They seem to have removed the page, so I've removed the link.


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