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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 07:01am
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I've gotten your attention, I know I have.

I seem to be embarrassing myself either directly or indirectly these days, so I figured while I travelled down memory lane I'd include people who could mock me in the journey.

Timeline was the "big project" that consumed most of my teenage years. I still cart it around because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that I've been soundly failing at creating games since I graduated from GWBasic in grade 6 or 7. Which, by the way, I have code for still. Proof? Well, here's a PCX called "NUKE1.PCX", which I recall was shown briefly before I played several musical notes on the PC Speaker and used a growing red circle to consume in radioactive destruction.

At least I had an appreciation for widescreen.

Timeline also had a multitude of animations done by Deryck Love, and the beginnings of a soundtrack (which I only have on audio cassette) by Troy something or other that I can't remember.

I must admit that it makes me smile to go back and look at the ridiculously optimistic things I've done in the past.

I distinctly remember writing the script in my touch typing information processing class in grade 9. I don't recall exactly, but likely the script comes to a dead end mid-sentence because I got caught writing it. That happened a lot. A lot. Really, a lot.

If by chance you happen to recognize similarities between this script and the gameplay script of Out Of This World then you're paying attention because I absolutely idolized the game. In many ways I still do, and if you have the means I suggest you give it a try. Timeline was written to emulate it in every way.

The name White Midnight stayed with me for quite a while, I don't know exactly why I dropped it other than it being retarded.

All joking aside, though, I really do hope to go back and make this game one day. I guess time will tell.



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Half Life

2006.03.02 11:01am
You know what I thought when I saw Half Life? "Hey, it's like Out of this World, but backward!"

Man, that was awesome.

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