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Saturday the 24th of March 2018 @ 05:49pm
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Oh, the Potential

2002.11.24 08:57pm

Things are moving forward at an awesome rate. There are all sorts of methods of design I'm seeing now that seem so obvious, but I had no clue about only a few weeks ago. I have no idea what sparked this new insite, but boy am I pleased.

I've got some semi-solid ideas about how to manage time, events and visualization in the game loop now. Something that has been a sort of murky half-realized set of notions is starting to take real shape. I can see very good ways of enforcing the seperation between visualization, game state, event processing and network transactions. Even better, there is a absolutely beautiful 'for free' network transparency inherit to the design. Enforcing seperation between the different code segments via streams (save visualization of the game state) enforces all sorts of wonderous concepts that should make design as a whole a great deal nicer.

I must say that it has been advantagous to start looking at the whole game design from the bottom up, more than just top down. I feel much more confident in producing something usable when the WAY in which it will be used dictates the design of the library, rather than the library design dictating the application.



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