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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:44am
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2002.12.08 10:29pm

It's been a few days since I entered a journal, but I've been hard at work. For a little bit I've been forced to step away from OpenGL and take care of some other stupid odds and ends that needed to be done. None of it is perfect, but it seems adequate.

At this point I've written the streams I need to get started, circular and persistent. I've got a working System->n2l event converter, which currently only knows how to convert 'quit' events. As that implies, there's also a workable 'event stream' and interface done. Out of the more tedious tasks a working virtual file system is set up and seems to work ok. I still need to build converters to RWOPS for SDL_Image & stuff.

I've also converted over oscillator and made an 'oscillating mulit-executor' to take several different frequencies and 'executor' instances to execute taskes at fixed and regulated frequencies. I've tested it using seperate system event pump, render and game state frequencies and everything seems to work fine. The neet-o thing there is that by seperating all of the layers of a game by event streams and then putting the game engine on it's own freqency clock which isn't timed with the renderer, I'll be able accelerate/slow/pause the game vary easily. This actually causes a lot of confusion and complication with some methods of implementing game events and frame rate independant game play for some implementations.

All in all quite a bit has come online and I'm just about back to dinking with raw GL again. I've decided that the first couple of projects I work on, I won't even try to wrap up any GL calls into classes or libraries and just get the hang of how things work together (or more importantly, don't work together) before trying to wrap anything.

For the first time for a project like this I've put up the source to everything right away, and though I doubt it will be downloaded or used I still feel odd. I'm still waiting for someone to appear from no-where and send me an email tearing my coding style apart. More so I think I'm not looking forward to the apathy that is FAR more likely than nastyness. In truth it would be nice to get SOME kind of commentary, but I doubt it will happen. I guess the lack of response just makes everything seem a little less important. That's difficult since it's absolutly not important to begin with, but it's always nice to FEEL like it matters. I guess we'll seen when game time comes. That's when things will count.



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