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Thursday the 22nd of March 2018 @ 12:25am
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So the time has come to implement the world space classes so I can contain a whole bunch of geometry and objects and camera's and other fun stuff in one space and render it appropriately. The issue at hand is how to handle the containers. Do I go with a more C style handle scheme, or just move autopointers around? I can see the autopointers being more dangerous and all, but the truth of the matter is that handles seem like a needless waste. I've always focused on code safety before flexability in the past, but treating the developer as a hostile component of the design process is tiring to write, and frustrating for both me and the developer. To increase the frustration even further it's very likely I will be the only developer.

Sometimes I'm just afraid that all I'm doing is making my own life more complicated. At the same time, I'm hardly immune to the bad code practices just because I wrote the library in question.

So, I've benn working on this for quite a while now, and I have to say that the translation from simplifed theory to concrete code has not been an easy one. All sorts of complications I hadn't initally accounted for, or had assumed there would be easy answers for, have presented themselves as serious problems.



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