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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:48am
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I dug back into some game development tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find I had forgotten slightly less than I'd expected.

Change can be a good thing, I'm learning. I've been a rather unmovable object in some of the development decisions I've made in the past, and I think I've been worse off for it. Just like every other developer out there I went through a phase of Not Invented Here, but I think many vestiges of that anti-pattern have stayed with me longer than they should have.

I'm giving eclipse a try and finding it far less objectionable than I'd expected. I certainly wouldn't have been willing to do anything with it a couple years ago. I'm still not willing to hand the full build configuration over to it, but maybe I'm growing up just a little.

For that matter, I think I'm finally going to be willing to use a 3rd party engine to take care of rendering. That's something I've been completely unwilling to release control of whilst simultaneously being absolutely dreadful at implementing solutions myself.

It's exciting that by lowering some of my ideological shields I may have gained (proper) access to Windows and the iPhone, not to mention other possibilities like consoles.

There is nothing really to be said about the projects themselves at this point, so I shall stop rambling and go to bed.

I'm never going to accept spaces instead of tabs, though. Till the grave.


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