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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:51am
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A really great experience, even if I did't actually get to see or hear many of the performances. I'm looking forward to watching the video later to see what I couldn't. Most of my pictures are garbage, or trapped on my phone, but I nabbed a couple decent shots before the batteries in my camera went dead. The crowd shots are from my perch on a fence. I got really lucky for the last hour.

I've taken a truly ludicrous number of touristy shots, like this. Everywhere you go around the mall is something that screams to be photographed. Watching the sun set behind the Lincoln National Memorial from the Washington Monument was a pretty powerful experience.

Without exaggeration, almost everyone at my hotel came for the Rally. At least, everyone I've spoken with. That was every last person at the bar both last night and tonight. Not exactly a large sample, but pretty exciting regardless. Everyone I've encountered has been exceptionally friendly. I suppose a rally for sanity draws such folk.

Right now I'm pretty exhausted, and this keyboard is very tiny, so I'll leave any in depth writing for later.

Oh, for the record, if you'd like to get through customs without a lot of questions asked the correct answer to "Why are you going to Washington?" is not to go to a political rally.


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