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Friday the 20th of April 2018 @ 02:02pm
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Or: I really don’t have as much free time as this implies.

I’m brushing up on AC3D for a development project and as a result I measured my apartment and modeled it so I could decorate one of the walls efficiently. I gave two reasons there. Let’s go with the brushing up on development because that makes me less ridiculous.

I need to get up to (and ideally) nine game racks onto the wall, hopefully in some kind of interesting way. Maybe some kind of spiral? Suggestions are welcome, because I have no creativity whatsoever.

Home improvement is hard. I've been "painting this wall" for something like four weeks and it isn't even painted. It's primed. It's like, at the stage where I can start doing the work. Fuck that. It's a white wall now. Like the man said: Fuck the Karate Kid.

Sure am taking this vapid, all about me approach seriously, eh?


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