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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:36am
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Occupy Montreal

2011.10.16 09:04am

Montreal was, yesterday the 15th October, and is continuing to be Occupied to some as yet undetermined level of effect.

I stopped by the Occupation yesterday for a little while to grab a picture or two, see what was the what and most importantly to make the crowd of people one person larger. Just one of the "Students, unions, homeless people, artists, drummers and people of all sorts gathered..." mentioned by CTV, I suppose. I guess I'll choose to be an 'all sorts' of person, though the list suggests more drummers and homeless were present than employed professionals. Who am I to say, right? Well, I'm the sort who was there and doesn't recall seeing swarms of homeless or drummers. I guess we don't want to let reality stand in the way of a comfortable narrative.

I have no idea if a protest of a thousand people has any value, but I'd still encourage anyone who hasn't yet to go down and be counted. If nothing else there are at least drummers to enjoy.

Also, should you wish for some real information about the occupation, there is at least one Facebook page, and of course there are twits on the twitterfeedburner.net.


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