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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 07:04am
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Ups and Downs

2003.03.16 03:56am

Ups and downs indeed. Hardly the later in the same day update I had intended, but I figure now is as good a time as any to try to get back up to date.

What's new? Found some great tutorials for OpenGL, starting at the simplest concepts and branching out to some really complicated stuff. Very useful indeed. I've put up absolutely huge amounts of documentation for libN2L, though it probably wasn't a terribly good idea since a great deal of it is likely to change. Luckily the documentation is all automatically generated by a great little software package called doxygen so the changes won't be hard for me to update, though I'm afraid anyone interested in the library may get frustrated at the instability of everything. At the same time there are two important things to remember: 1) the only one insane enough to download my updates up to this point is google, as far as I know, and 2) if the bright yellow text throughout the download page telling people not to download this wacky thing isn't enough warning, they deserve the discomfort.

New in the code is a reworked cRScene class, and the mechanism used for grouping renderable objects. It feels a lot cleaner from a coding perspective... but alas at the moment it doesn't seem to be working. Devil is in the details, so they say. More important than the changes in the rendering code is the cementing of the dynamic equation classes cDynVar, cDynEquation and cDynVarSystem. All seem to be working well and are really kind of neat to work with. I'm looking forward to doing more game code so I can really see what this stuff can do. Cause I love examples, here's a small one:

0001 cDynVarSystem system;
0002 cDynVarEquation eq;
0004 eq = "((a+b)/c)*2";
0005 system.set("a",55);
0006 system.set("b",8);
0007 system.set("c",3);
0009 cDynVar c = system.eval(eq);
0011 cout << c.dump() << endl;
0012 // Outputs: int(42) 

To many people that may not seem like a terribly exciting thing, but I think regular C++ programmers will appreciate it. The cDynEquation class parses the equations it's given when assigned, so executing the code is fairly quick. Of course I'm not suggesting that geometry be frustrum culled with dynamic equations, but the speed should be more than enough to calculate character speeds, skill tests and experience advancement.

In the gameplay universe; rules and item lists are coming along nicely. Quite a bit of progress has been made in ironing out the last stickyness of character creation and things are looking pretty good. I've got about a million ranged weapons cataloged, and now I'm just working at cutting off what I don't want in the game. The storyline itself is in place, at least the core of it. No maps, locations, characters, dialog or anything else worth mentioning is done, but the storyline brief itself has been drafted and it seems to be getting positive responses from my 'testing group'. All like 4 of them.

pierre has done a great little prototype of a logo for the game. The art is really impressive. I'm not sure if the design itself will last to 'shipping time' if such a thing even exists but in the interm the sheer coolness of it is more than good enough to make it the semi-offical logo. I'll be getting a site up with it as soon as he finishes it up and gets it to a state he's happy with.

That actually brings me to the topic of websites quite nicely. The internal development site fore life2130 is comming along ok, though I haven't found much time to work on it lately. The production site has most of a logo done (see last paragraph :) and that's about it. I've plugged the libN2L site enough that I'm sure anyone interested knows exactly its state. And... yeah. That' wraps up websites.

What else, what else... I'm sure there are lots of things I haven't covered, but for now I think I'll leave it. Hopefully I can get the render working again tonight. Then off to bed.



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