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Wednesday the 17th of January 2018 @ 01:41am
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The Truth Hurts

2012.06.30 07:26pm

Gametrailers.com is making me re-register following their site revamp and their Tees and Cees are prefaced with this little gem:

Social Project ("SP") is established in the United States, meaning that you are accessing a community network in the U.S. Any personal information you provide to SP is governed by and will be dealt with in accordance with the SP Privacy Policy and U.S. law. Please note that U.S. law provides a lower standard of protection for personal data than the laws of various countries including, but not limited to, the European Union.

Man, the truth hurts. Oh, and the link to their SP Terms is a 404. So pretty great work. Also, IIS? Really? If you say so guys.



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Crowd sourcing Tee's and Cee's....

2012.08.09 08:22am
Check this shit out.... http://tos-dr.info/


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