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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:53am
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Where to begin? It has been over two months since I last wrote a game journal, and the libN2L development page is even further out of date. So, is that the end? Is there no more Life2130? No more libN2L?


Nay I say. No, in fact things are cooking along nicely. I'm just a useless boob that doesn't have the attention span required to write regular development journals. But all that's going to change as of tonight.

So, as I was saying; where to begin? Well, scanning over my last entry I see that quite a lot has changed. The suggested Life2130 site is now up and running right here, and new libN2L updates are in the pipeline.

I guess first I'll go over the new stuff and changes in libN2L, since it is the root of all of the development I'm doing right now. Firstly, the version for the library has been bumped again, so now it's libN2L-4. The version was bumped because of a file structure revamp and a new naming protocol which I'll be putting up on the libN2L Development site soon. I've also renamed a few classes, and restructured the video class tree a bit, so it didn't seem right to keep with the same version any longer.

Along with the format and structural changes, libN2L has a few new rendering classes including a camera class, and some basic code to allow billboarding. The real excitement right now is the addition of md2 file loading, with basic support for animation. The interface for it is really rough and it leaks like crazy, but it does work. Soon I'll be polishing up the interface and cleaning things up and it should be good to go for our first tech demo. For those of you who care, here are some screen shots of a model in my test environment. They are actually both moving, so it's kind of neat.

Along with the addition of the md2 loader I've been working with particle effects, which is pretty much hand-in-hand with billboarding, at least axial aligned billboards. I've been able to get some pretty neat stuff working in the test environment, but nothing has been integrated into the library yet. I'm not sure exactly what kind of interface I'll need for particle systems so rather than rewrite a dozen times I'll put it off until after or during the first tech demo. That way I'll have some experience working with them. Anyway, once again here are some screen shots.

What else... what else. I've also added some utility classes to work with the VFS to load configuration files, and to validate the settings defined inside them. It's a pretty neat toy with arguably useful application. The basic idea is that the game can create a configuration file template outlining what values it expects to be defined, along with default values if they aren't, and it can have a list of validators attached to it. Validators like vfs node types, it must be a file, it must be a directory, it must be a image, etc. The types can also be more generic like must be a string, must be a float, etc. The whole thing is set up using the dynamic variable system, so the values assigned can be used without any conversion from the file.

Anyway, Onyx awaits. It still needs a site, and I've got some last work to do with the engine before starting. And I'm not getting any younger.

Please note: Nothing is going to change, in fact. Journal updates will be as infrequent as they are now, forever.



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