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Wednesday the 17th of January 2018 @ 01:38am
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Sabrina sent along a link to these guys at Fairphone building Android based smartphones with an eye on being more socially responsible than your standard suicide net monstrosities. They need to sell a little over a thousand more pre-orders in the next two weeks to start production on what looks like a pretty cool little.

Their press kit says the phone will be completely unlocked, ready for root access. More details are obviously available on their site. Right now they're only shipping to locations in Europe, but if you know someone with an address in one of the countries listed, maybe it's something to consider.

Here's the pretty, feel-good video the site provides:

... and the device with specs.

Fairphone specs:

Dragontrail glass: Ultra thin and light; super durable and scratch-resistant
Mediatek 6589 chipset: Quad core CPU for faster processing and page loading
16 GB internal memory: For music, movies, apps, games and more
qHD display: 4.3 inches of touch-screen goodness
Dual front/ rear camera: 8 mp + 1.3 mp for photos and video calls
Android OS (4.2 Jelly Bean): Special interface developed by Kwame Corporation (Also open!)


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