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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 07:05am
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Week Ends Update

2003.07.02 12:55am

So, the time off has ended and I figured it would be a good idea to summarize some of what got done before heading off to bed. It has been a good break with a fair amount accomplished, and I can say I'm mostly happy. Unfortunately I seemed to falter toward the end, but I suppose that's somewhat to be expected. So anyway, here I go.


Onyx got a fair amount of attention including a new website, bugtrack project, wallpaper and a set of internal design documentation and story line outlines. As far as the code base, I did a little work, but not much. Most of the actually coding I did has been auxilary to Onyx and focused on the libN2L codebase instead. All of that added code directly mapped to things needed to get Onyx off the ground though, so progress was made.

In the artwork department I'm honestly not sure what if anything got done. pierre had a lot on his mind with moving and *ahem* other things... so I doubt much of substance got added. That's fine for the most part because I'm not really blocked by the artwork at this point. I'm sure things will start materializing a lot more in the next couple of weeks.

Soundtrack has moved not at all, unfortunately. I still have to get off my lazy ass and arrange quite a lot to get the audio side of things lined up. Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely ZERO audio code in libN2L at this point. I still haven't even decided if I'm going with SDL_mixer or OpenAL, yet. Probably OpenAL from the looks of it, but having never even compiled a test project yet I can hardly say with any certainty. So, that was a long winded way to say, nothing.

Story is finally taking root in the Onyx world, and is starting to gel to a point where I can get a feeling for where I want things to go. This has to be the only project I've ever worked on where the story backbone started appearing well after the game assets started to materialize. Luckily I think things are still early enough that no work was wasted. I can also say on a personal note that some of the adjoining material between Onyx and Life 2130 is really helping me to engage myself. It's almost as if a moving target just had a net thrown over it and it's finally possible to start attacking it.


LibN2L was (as usual) the primary focus of all the development that took place in the last few days. Almost all of that development I've been posting about in my journal this week, so I won't go into it all again. To summarize things development went very well. New events and event handling was added, lots of optimizations were added and a lot of bug fixes went into place. All in all, good strides were made in the code base.

On a more exciting note, I've set up a working cross-compile suite and can now make Windows binaries (exe's) right from my Linux box, just by running a script. Getting things working was a little hairy, and testing was a pain in the ass since I don't actually have access to a Win32 machine. BUT, things do indeed work. I even have proof:

That is indeed the Md2 selection test running happily on a Windows XP system which Thanatos generously donated along with his patience to help me get things working. This is actually a big step for me, since up till now I haven't been able to get a project actually link on a windows system. It also means I don't have to deal with the nightmare that is Visual Studio's compiler. All around I'm quite pleased with the cross-compile tools. You'll also note that Thanatos went that extra mile and endured my Onyx background long enough to take the shot. That speaks volumes of his character, let me tell you. :)

Life 2130

Life 2130 is not a dead project! I really can't say that enough. In the past few days I've clarified some of the story line, and mucked a little with the RPG system it will be using, as well as plotting out its development schedule a little bit more. It is safe to say that Life 2130 is alive and well (excuse the pun) and receiving active attention. Most of everything that has been done is internal development and documentation, though; so there really isn't much for me to say about it.

Jimmy's World.org

Not a whole lot happened to Jimmy's World, unless you count the addition of the Onyx site. I'm about half way through adding a C++ tutorial, which makes about 3 tutorials which are half done now. I had really hoped to add it before Wednesday, but not everything can get done, and the tutorial was a very optional project, as far as I was concerned. So, yeah. Jimmy's World is still Jimmy's World... and that's all I have to say about that.

And... Yeah..

All in all I suppose I'd have to say that yes, things went rather well. Certainly I could have used more time, and I could have made better use of the time I DID have. As always though, this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. The real test will be to see if Onyx can materialize into a runnable test in the next three weeks. Longer than that and it has taken too long. LibN2L has more flaws right now than I can comfortably comprehend, but certainly it is far enough along to not be a restrictive agent any longer. The time is right, the story is starting to be there and the art is falling into place. Now starts the real test. Can I get this to materialize?

And with that rather melodramatic question floating in the air - I'm going to go to bed. Reality is afoot.



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