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Friday the 20th of April 2018 @ 01:54pm
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About Jimmy's World

2005.07.24 03:24am

Jimmy's World has been around for quite a long time now. While it has never been particularly popular and the content and crowd that visited it have changed regularly, I've always had the site because I enjoy working on websites, not so much to get traffic.

Jimmy's World has been host to many things from RPG's to mainstream news to satirical and offensive articles. It presently houses development projects, tutorials and satirical and less-offensive articles and 3rd party news feeds.

Jimmy's World has always been a proof of concept more than a digestible and interesting page, though I hope that at times it has been both. It has spanned hosting from dial-up with an ever-changing IP to Professional ADSL to off-site (not in my bedroom) hosting. It has also spanned and included HTML, Flash, JavaScript, XML, C/C++ generated CGI's, and presently PHP with MySQL. It's moved from Fnord on a 486/Pentium running Win95 (serving pages and CGI straight from a ramdrive) to Apache on Linux. Presently most of the site content is in a MySQL database and the pages themselves are various different CMS systems, most notably the Project Tracker and an article editor/ review and publishing system.

It is safe to say that Jimmy's World has mutated many times as Jimmy's life. I also think it's equally safe to say that it won't be stopping any time soon.


Reader Comments

just saying

2006.12.12 04:28pm
what is jimmy's world and what does it do?

Noam Chompsky is a Fool

2006.12.17 11:42pm
Noam Chompsky is an extremist and a self-loathing fool. He is a linguist, not a historian and he is jocked by people who have no knowledge of history other than the typical anti-American drivel they are taught in college, before they have to go out and get real jobs.

  • Re: Noam Chompsky is a Fool

    2011.01.22 07:34am
    Spoken like a true teatard, and yet you'll no doubt vote for the penultimate fool that is Sarah Palin.


2007.11.05 02:47pm
Dude! What's new with Jimmy?



2008.07.18 06:39am
Is it today ??? I'm thinking it is... anywho... have a good one !!!

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