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Wednesday the 21st of March 2018 @ 06:35am
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And Now "Bill" from North Carolina

Aaron's Shared Google Feed -- (More)2010.03.29 02:55pm(author unknown)
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Abramoff... The Movie

Aaron's Shared Google Feed -- (More)2010.04.23 11:26am(author unknown)
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Title says it all. No real news yet. There are no doubt many live feeds up, and this is one of them.

After the fact...

New York Times Reporting #1

2011.11.14 11:03pm
The New York Times has posted:
The New York City police began clearing Zuccotti Park of the Occupy Wall Street protesters about 1 a.m. Tuesday, telling the people there that the camp would be "cleared and restored" before the morning and that any demonstrator who did not leave would be arrested.

But also,
"The city has determined that the continued occupation Zuccotti Park poses an increasing health and fire safety hazard." The protesters were ordered to "to immediately remove all private property" and that if they interfered with the police operation, they would be arrested. Property that was not removed, the police said, would be sent to the dump.

It's hard to imagine what 'restored' means considering the second quote.


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Product of the intentionally stealthy preparations for the blockade run of the Tahrir and Saoirse very few people have heard about their departure from Turkey, or more importantly their run in with Israeli authorities. I'm not going to bother trying to summarize using my no doubt flawed understanding and will leave that to Democracy Now's reporting from Nov 3, Nov 4 and this blurb from the Democracy Now site:

Democracy Now! has just learned Israel has detained our correspondent Jihan Hafiz while on assignment. She was on board the Canadian ship, the Tahrir, covering the "Freedom Waves to Gaza" flotilla. Hafiz has been filing daily video reports this week from aboard the Tahrir. The reports have aired on Democracy Now! and distributed internationally by the Reuters news agency.

We lost contact with Jihan Hafiz earlier today shortly before the Israeli Navy intercepted the Tahrir and the Irish ship Saoirse. Both ships had left Turkey on Wednesday bound for Gaza.

Hafiz is a U.S. citizen born in California. Her family lives in Arlington, Virginia.

We urge Democracy Now! viewers and listeners to call your Senators and Representatives to encourage them to help secure the immediate release of journalist Jihan Hafiz along with her equipment and footage.

Numbers for U.S. Senators can be found here

Numbers for U.S. Representatives can be found here

I'd point out there are lots of other people without the blessed status of US citizenship as well. The Canadian Boat to Gaza site has a very short post: "I write to you from cell 9 of the Apartheid State of Israel" that at least on the surface suggests that the entire group has been detained.

Screencap from: therealnews.com: Jihan Hafiz on Reporting From Libya

After the fact...

"I write to you from cell 9 of the Apartheid State of Israel"

2011.11.06 11:41am
From the Canadian Boat to Gaza site:
I write to you from cell 9, block 59 Givon Prison near Ramla in Occupied Palestine. Although I was tasered during the assault on the Tahrir, and bruised during forcible removal dockside (I am limping slightly as a result) I am basically ok. We, Ehab, Michael, Karen from Tahrir, as well as Karen, Kit (US) and Jihan who we saw briefly this morning. We are most concerned about our Tahrir shipmate, Palestinian Majd Kayyal from Haifa, last seen by us at Ashdod being photographed and put in a police car.*

* Majd Kayyal was released, but it appears David the other political prisoners weren't told where he was taken.

So there's the more on the state of the crews.


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Occupy Montreal

2011.10.16 09:04am

Montreal was, yesterday the 15th October, and is continuing to be Occupied to some as yet undetermined level of effect.

I stopped by the Occupation yesterday for a little while to grab a picture or two, see what was the what and most importantly to make the crowd of people one person larger. Just one of the "Students, unions, homeless people, artists, drummers and people of all sorts gathered..." mentioned by CTV, I suppose. I guess I'll choose to be an 'all sorts' of person, though the list suggests more drummers and homeless were present than employed professionals. Who am I to say, right? Well, I'm the sort who was there and doesn't recall seeing swarms of homeless or drummers. I guess we don't want to let reality stand in the way of a comfortable narrative.

I have no idea if a protest of a thousand people has any value, but I'd still encourage anyone who hasn't yet to go down and be counted. If nothing else there are at least drummers to enjoy.

Also, should you wish for some real information about the occupation, there is at least one Facebook page, and of course there are twits on the twitterfeedburner.net.


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