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Saturday the 24th of March 2018 @ 05:40pm
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Bug: 323

Weird Mouse Behaviour in Windows (XP)



Weird Mouse Behaviour in Windows (XP)

Bug details for active bug #323


When Onyx is running in the background/minimized, mouse clicks will jump the cursor to the top left corner of the screen.

For whatever reason, holding the mouse button down for a moment will allow you to select whatever it is you're trying to select.

See bug 266







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2004.02.16 08:32pm

This Bug is Active

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Bug Updated
Posted: 2004.09.07 09:25pm
By: Aaron

* Release target changed from: v1.0-c1-testing to v1.0-c1-beta
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ACTUALLY later, now.

Bug Updated
Posted: 2004.09.07 09:24pm
By: Aaron

* Release target changed from: Undefined to v1.0-c1-testing
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Bug Updated
Posted: 2004.09.07 08:52pm
By: Aaron

* Severity changed from: Normal to Low
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In windows, no one else has reported it, and it theoretically doesn't break the release. Not terribly important.

Standalone User Note
Posted: 2004.05.16 05:34am
By: Aaron

This may have to do with the mouse pointer not being re-initialized to the current mouse position until the first move event. That it has effect outside the game is a problem, however.

It's worth looking into the mouse relocation issue as well, though. Mouse pointers don't get moved until the first mousemove event comes in. If SDL were to lock the mouse to the game location for some reason, it would explain the XP behaviour. Especially given all the weird things that have cropped up with Windows and minimized windows and such.

Bug Updated
Posted: 2004.02.21 09:39pm
By: Aaron

* Assigned to changed from: {null} to Jimmy
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Bug 226?

I'll see what I can do to reproduce this with another test machine.

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