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Saturday the 24th of March 2018 @ 05:39pm
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Bug: 365

Switching video modes is broken



Switching video modes is broken

Bug details for active bug #365


For some reason switching video modes shows only a tiny square of the screen in the new mode. This happens in linux as well.







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2004.04.13 02:30am

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Bug Updated
Posted: 2004.09.07 09:23pm
By: Aaron

* Release target changed from: v1.0-half-testing to v1.0-c1-testing
-------------- User notes follow:
More info on this. Things are at least partially fixed. Part of the bug was due to a crappy nvidia driver. The windows varient occurs because texture memory is lost when the resolution changes.

Most texture reloading is handled now, but fonts still don't because they aren't explicitly textures, and are hidden in a factory instead.

Bug Updated
Posted: 2004.05.16 05:29am
By: Aaron

* Release target changed from: v1.0-c1-testing to v1.0-half-testing
-------------- User notes follow:
Windows bugs don't bug me. I hate windows. Moved to half-testing. (Besides, the GUI for resolution changes says this won't work)

Standalone User Note
Posted: 2004.04.28 04:46am
By: Aaron

I have this half implemented. I suspect that the texture name isn't being deleted/reopened correctly, and that's what's causing weird behaviour in windows.

The behaviour is now totally in windows, but the bug is in Onyx/N2L. A texture reloader is working, but the textures seem to be reloaded into the incorrect slots. IE. No textures are corrupted, but they aren't shown at the correct itmes. Menu backgrounds show up as partical effects, stars appear as tiny ship textures, and so on.

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