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Sunday the 21st of January 2018 @ 01:42pm
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Bug: 394

pSpec needs a counterpart emitter definition



pSpec needs a counterpart emitter definition

Bug details for inactive bug #394


The emitter definition is tricker to do because how to do positioning anf frequency is ambiguous. It might be necessary to make subclasses for each so positions can be relative or absolute, and frequencies can be on a scale based off an external variable, random or absolute. This also means that emitters have to be cloneable so each entity can have its own.

It might be good enough to have a class where location and orientation can be configured each update step, and the frequency can be set from a scale based on a percentage updated at each update step.

This would also be a great time to create a triangle soup emitter which can take a mesh with an arbitrary number of faces and emit from random locations subdivided from the triangles in the face. (That is, so bigger engine surfaces can have non-point source emitters) Obviously this is a large set of changes, but very important to resolve since we want to use these more generalized emitters for things like debris trails on damage ships, or smoke and sparks from damaged components.







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2004.09.07 08:37pm

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Bug Updated
Posted: 2005.03.31 04:46am
By: Aaron

* Status changed from: Confirmed to Fixed
* Active status changed from: Active to Inactive
-------------- User notes follow:
Good lord. That was awful. It's still a little hacky, but now faces can be subdivided into semi-well spaced emission positions and the emission spec will take care of some of the more repeptive emission work.

There'll still be tweaking, but this is done enough for now.

Standalone User Note
Posted: 2005.03.21 01:41am
By: Aaron

About half way done. The emitter exists and works... but it doesn't have the position population that I want for triangle groups. Soon hopefully.

Bug Updated
Posted: 2005.03.17 07:34pm
By: Aaron

* Release target changed from: v1.0-c1-testing to v0.5-techdemo
-------------- User notes follow:
Do I really want to do this? I think what should happen is an emitter class needs to be written with all of the configuration pertaining to emission existing there. Let's make a pSpec a pSpec and not lose sight of that.

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