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Monday the 19th of March 2018 @ 05:59pm
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Bug: 458

Explosions need to be turned into Game Entities to solve lots of problems.



Explosions need to be turned into Game Entities to solve lots of problems.

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Explosions need to be a game entity. When an object is destroyed it should push an explosion GE on the map which can have an explosion visualization and audio representation and carry on as long as the explosion needs to. The debris can also be defined there. This allows multistage explosions and
lots of other niceities.

There's no reason the definition file can't be inside the ship definition, so this doesn't really change very much in terms of data arrangement, just modifies how its loaded. The problem with that though is that there will be a explosion class which will be reloaded and not shared among different entities even though it can be. This could be a particular problem for debris objects which will end up being reloaded over and over for each different entitiy of a class.

In the end I think this should be a seperate file, which actually helps in a lot of ways since I want to automate ship definitions construction from the spreadsheet, and this is a big ugly thing to fix.







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2005.03.17 08:36pm

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