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Tuesday the 20th of March 2018 @ 09:36am
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Onyx is a technical demo written to test the libN2L library. It is a single player, first person, combat space-simulator. Simulator is probably the wrong word, but that's the genre. Onyx is a lot like a melding of X-Wing/Tie Fighter and Wing Commander and features a rich storyline and universe. It also features some pretty darn fun gameplay.

Project Leader: Aaron
Created: 2003.06.27 04:36am
Links: Production Site
Project ID: 32
Project Members: nami, Gecko, Joe_pr, WhiteRaven, Taharez, macmasterxiv, Airconditioning, Kemotaha, Ayria, STzu, Steve_the_Wraith, Cloquewerk, Draconishinobi, Thanatos, theluckyone17, thegech, Wh1sper, pierre, liamdawe, Beamrider, jayson, Dada5, ztom, rodia, Kazuki, TD-Linux, Aaron,

Link to this page is: http://aaroncameron.net/projects/?pID=32

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