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Tuesday the 19th of September 2017 @ 11:01am
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DBB Database Browser

The database browser is a PHP script to assist in the manipulation of databases. Specifically drivers are written for MySQL only, but the code is written to be portable to other database APIs.


Dbb is a web script and as such requires a server to host it. Dbb is designed to run on its own virtualserver with a secure certificate of its own. To allow all transactions to be safe and secure Dbb uses absolutely no GET requests or cookies of any kind, all data is transfered as POST variables.


Dbb is a program to enable you to more easily access direct SQL queries. SQL knowledge IS required. Dbb WILL NOT restrict you by forcing you to use convoluted web forms for inserts or complicated constructs for selecting. It WILL provide you with a attractive and functional visualization of the data in your database and macros to simplify common tasks.

Dbb will convert on-the-fly common file formats that are stored in raw form within the database, for example showing you a resized image instead of the binary symbols of a gif stored in a blob field.


Dbb does not have a heavy front-end. Dbb does not have pretty forms for inserting, deleting or selecting. Dbb DOES provide you with simple, raw access.

Dbb 0.4.6 Released!

2002.01.22 02:26pm, (5718 days ago)

The first release of Dbb is available on the development page.

The complete development environment for 'dbb' is online and working Dbb is a MySQL database browsing utility that I've been writing/using for quite some time.

Most everything is up on the development environment except for downloads and documentation, which are of course the most important things.

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