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Thursday the 22nd of March 2018 @ 12:27am
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So opens the development site for Life 2130. Some of you may have been following the developments of the Nova 2 library, the express purpose of which is to write this game. Others may be following my horribly out of date game journal which has (and will continue to) cover the development of life 2130 in a very informal way. Now comes the official development site for my pet project and recent obsession.

This development site will cover the development process of Life 2130 in a semi-official way, outlining progress, betas, artwork and lots of other raw concept material. Portions of this section are restricted to Life 2130 project members, but there will also be a great deal of publicly consumable material. That's why this section of Jimmy's World exists.

Basically I'm inviting you to join me on the adventure that is trying to create a commercial quality game with only a handful of resources, time and talent.

Welcome to Life, 2130.

Life 2130 Survey Results

2003.04.26 06:35pm, (5443 days ago)

After my rather bitter last post on the survey page, druid and fordcov have been kind enough to promote our Life 2130 Logo Survey, which you should fill out if you haven't already.

As a result, we've had a flood of replies in the last couple of days. Enough that looking at the results in the database has become annoying. So, I've put up a Survey Results page for anyone who's curious about how things have stacked up.


Life 2130 Survey

2003.04.16 12:26am, (5454 days ago)

Thanks to the THREE people who answered the logo survey. We appreciate all THREE of your responses.


Wow Updates - Part 2

2003.04.06 09:11am, (5463 days ago)

I've put up a Life 2130 Logo Survey page as suggested by pierre. Very few things in my day to day life are 'important' to me, but this is one of them. I would urge my friends and anyone else who'll listen to please go fill out that survey and give your legitimate and critical opinions on the artwork there.


A Life 2130 development site is online and working, as you must already know if you're seeing this news item, since it's not a front page item. :)

All updates about Life 2130 will show up here, though engine updates will still appear in the LibN2L Project site.


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