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Nova-2 Library

The Nova-2 Library (n2l, libN2L) is a collection of classes and procedures to simplify game development. It is not a game engine or a game. The n2l library contains code to handle or at least simplify a multitude of game programming tasks which will work uniformly across (at least) Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP (and probably Win 98).

This page contains documentation for the library, as well as development papers, tutorials and other important information.

There is also a bugtracker project available for this library for those looking to make bug reports.

It is important to note that libN2L is a meta-library. Many of the aboved features are provided by abstracting the hard work of other very talented programmers. A full list of utilized 3rd part libraries will be available soon. All libraries utilized (including libN2L) are available under the LGPL Library General Public License or similar and compatible licenses.

The June version of libN2L-4 which is still pretty much unusable is now up and ready for download. This is release is semi-special as it is likely the version that the Onyx Beta is built with. That isn't a promise, but it seems likely. There are a few fixes and new features, particularly in the GUI code. Important as well is a fix for a long standing problem with cAutoPtr which would cause auto pointers to misbehave as keys in std::map. As always the documentation is updated and you can download n2l or check out the documentation in the usual places.

I don't recall if the May version included this as well, but cDynVar has been upgraded to unserialize raw formats as well as PHP serializations so data files in Onyx may be replaced with readable user files. This is a significant upgrade, but I don't have time to cover it at the moment.


I've just put up a May version of libN2L-4 which is once again pretty much unusable. As always the documentation is updated and you can download n2l or check out the documentation in the usual places.


LibN2L-4 Documentation & Source Release

2006.04.10 02:25pm, (4366 days ago)

I've just put up a new version of libN2L-4 which is still pretty much unusable, but is closer than ever. I've also put up a new version of the documentation, though it's only a doxygen build so it's not really all that useful. In any case, you can download n2l or check out the documentation in the usual places.


I've finally uploaded a new version of the library source. It's still in terrible shape and useless, but there it is. You can go grab the source if you want to feel some pain. I also uploaded a new version of the documentation, for what it's worth. Believe it or not, but there is actually some useful code in there that might be useful to somebody.


New Documentation Release

2003.10.12 05:26pm, (5277 days ago)

For the first time in a long time I've published the wholly rebuilt Doxygen documentation for libN2L-4.

Unfortunately the reference is so big and disconnected as is that it's largely useless. Hopefully I'll have time in the near future to write some useful high level documentation, rather than just reference.


libN2L-4 2003. Released

2003.08.25 02:34pm, (5325 days ago)

Lots of new functionality added like the ability to have windows iconed, a general loader template class, a new particle engine and a bunch of VFS and geometry work.

Yay progress!

As usual, it's available on the libN2L downloads page.


LibN2L 2003. Released

2003.08.18 02:53am, (5332 days ago)

I've released the source of the libN2L library with a whole bunch of new stuff built into it. We now have a GUI widgets, texture fills, music and sound effect support and a bunch of fixes and updates all around.

Largely, this is a usability update now that Onyx is well under way I'm starting to see more and more of the areas that need improvement. And fixing them. Yay!


libN2L-3-2003. Source Released

2003.02.19 09:30am, (5512 days ago)

Another source package released. A thread safe implementation of cUniStream has been added, as well as fixes to the cRScene and perspective classes.

The system event stream has also been converted over to unistream, with the necessary changes made throughout.

As always, the download is available on the downloads page.


Source Package Released

2003.02.10 12:31pm, (5521 days ago)

The new source package contains a mostly working implementation of cUniStream - the replacement for cirucular and persistant stream.

There is a partial conversion over the unistream in the connection set executors, but all of that code is still unstable.

As well, the code has some fixes to allow it to compile on gcc 3.2 without error.

Just like last time, check out the downloads page.


New Source Release

2003.01.17 12:46am, (5545 days ago)

Code that doesn't work properly....

Blah... blah...

Download page...

Blah... blah...

New support for threadable network handling added.


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