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Friday the 20th of April 2018 @ 02:07pm
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Nova-2 Library Downloads

The Nova-2 Library is in a completely developmental state. The code here may (and will) change completely, several times. Anyone who uses this to do ANYTHING other than satisfy idle curiosity is totally and completely nuts.

When a usable version of this code is available and ready for consuption I will advertise the fact to the best of my rather limited abilities. Rest assured that it will be plastered all over this site when the time is right.

This page is provided at this point simply to allow those interested to download the source and take a look through it to find and report mistakes, weak design or suggestions back to me. That is all.

On another note, do not use this code.

The n2l library is written in C++ and builds to be a static library, libn2l.a. To build on a linux system at this point requires that SDL, SDL-devel, SDL_ttf(&-devel) packages all be installed. They are widely available on the net.


libN2L-4 Source Package

Note: This package contains ODE and Coldet as well as N2L, and all three should build by default following the pseudo-instructions below.

Download, extract, type './make-linux' or on windows, './make-win32'. If you're lucky you'll end up with a whole bunch of lib*.a files in the lib/ directory. If not, let me know why.

Some errors occur during the build process which is normal when configuring ODE.

An important note is that the win32 and linux builds of libN2L can co-exist in the same space. Building for windows ON windows is a big question mark. It should work but I have no idea if it does or not. The ./make-win32 script builds using cross-build tools which must be installed seperately and working. How to do that is well beyond the scope of this useless little bit of help.

libN2L-3 Source Package

libN2L-3 is an old and unused (and unusable) version of the Nova-2 library, it is still provided here for no good reason. If you intend to do any development at all with the Nova-2 library grab the libN2L-4 source package above.

©2018 Aaron Cameron

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